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My training programs are for all athletes at any level (beginner to professional. Whether you are looking to enhance your speed, power, agility, and  explosiveness for speed development or need to enhance strength, flexibility, mobility, and conditioning for a better athletic performance I am the guy. Each program improves the physical quality of your athletic  performance, while building a level of confidence that contributes to greater success. Workouts include but are not limited to a dynamic warm-up, speed instruction, core workout, flexibility training, weight lifting, linear and lateral training, and a resistance training program that is sport specific.

A typical session with me is examining your strengths and weaknesses then improving general strength. Once that is established then sport specific training will begin with an emphasis on improving speed, power, and explosiveness. 

  • Complete breakdown of running form. 

  • Explain the phases of running: Acceleration, Top End, and Deceleration phases

  • Teach technical and tactical exercises to help improve form, strength, and speed.

  • Use video analysis to familiarize athlete with incorrect and correct form.

personal training. one on one training
           PERSONAL TRAINING - Starting at $75/session/hour


One on one training where I personally evaluate, explain, and demonstrate each exercise or drill. Working one on one is great for the athlete that is looking for personal attention. Success rates are greater in these sessions due to better focus, attention to detail, and video analysis. 

small group training
              SMALL GROUP TRAINING (3+) - Starting at $65/session/hour

Small group training allows friends or teammates to join in sessions. A specialized program will be organized for the group. Athletes are able to motivate each other with the same goals in mind. The energy in the gym is magnified with the atmosphere being fun, challenging, and competitive.

speed and agility camp


 Weekly classes that include speed, agility, strengthening, and conditioning training.

Camps & Clinics specific to the sport to educate coaches and athletes on speed & agility. 

team training
           TEAM TRAINING


Bring your entire team to train for maximum performance. Built to enhance the athletic ability of all your athletes. Team goals are reached with this program. 



Schedule a time for recovery. I recently added the Normatec Recovery leg + hip sleeves for muscle recuperation in a room dedicated to the athletes restoration.

Train harder and recover faster. Engineered by a physician bioengineer, the patented Pulse
massage pattern employs pulsing, distal release, and
gradients to enhance blood flow and speed recovery.

jdsp video analysis


Receive expert advice from Hall of Fame sprinter Johnie Drake virtually. With apps such as HUDL or Coaches Eye, he is able to offer a full breakdown of your running form and provide exercises and drills to help improve your technique.

JD SP Online Training


Learn basic and advanced sprinting techniques to help take your speed to the next level. With this online program enjoy the freedom to train at your convenience. The program will provide all the exercises, drills, and instruction for you to enhance your linear and lateral speed. Includes weekly conversations with me to keep you on task and motivated.



This program is to help all potential collegiate football players improve their skills in the 40 yard dash, 20 yard shuttle, 3 cone drill, broad and vertical jump. A complete breakdown of how to move efficiently and fast through each drill. Develop the power and explosiveness to jump your highest and furthest distance. Thoroughly prepare your mind and body to excel and take your athletic career to the next level. 

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