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Here are a few testimonials from current and former athletes and parents. Each testimonial adds different views of my training philosophy and style. In addition, they offer personal experiences that inspire and motivate other athletes and parents to choose me as their trainer.  


Coach Drake has a really good balance  between having fun and getting work done. I have more technique, I'm a lot stronger, and I have more confidence..”​

Alexa Marrs, Field Hockey​


“He is dedicated, it's who he is; not just what he does. He corrects often and I've never seen a kid leave without a smile or not motivated for the next session.”​

Jermaine C., Parent of Jermaine C. Jr.​


“I know he helped me with my form and speed. I love that he is not a "gym" exercise science trainer. I love that sprinting was his area of excellence and passion”​

Denise L., Masters Sprinter



“Coach Drake is a great trainer. I have noticed a significant improvement in Corey's performance. Thank you!”​

K. Royster, Parent of Corey Royster ​



“Coach Johnie was very good with my son. He also takes the time to explain why he is doing the exercises and motiions to help them understand what it takes to go faster. I would suggest Johnie to anybody looking to learn to


Dan L., Parent of Dane L.​


“One of the best experiences I had working with Coach Drake. He taught me alot when he came to technique with my speed and agility. The toughest workout had to be anything with the hamstrings!"


Greg Elliot, University of Pitt., Basketball Guard​

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